Why Bank Exams Preparation at home is better than Coaching Institutes

Bank exam preparation at home is better than coaching institutes.

Shortcut techniques

No coaching institute is going to teach you shortcut technique for any chapter because shortcut techniques never gives 100% accurate answers in all possibilities.

Low standard of teaching at coaching institutes

Low quality study material

Difficulty level practice questions

If you have ever been to a coaching institute, you might have realized that everything is so easy. From concept to practice questions and even their test series. Why they do this while everybody knows the fact that exams are getting harder? Because if institutes provide hard questions then they need to provide detailed explanations to students and they don’t have skilled teachers. After every chapter there are 20 questions and you can’t bring any question out of these 20 questions.

No SWOT analysis

Who is interested in knowing your strengths or weaknesses? It’s only up to you. If you are preparing at home or with your friends, you can find your weaknesses and then you can work on it.

Benefits of preparing at Home or in a Group

Study at your own speed. If you think you need more time for an easy Probability chapter then you need not to take permission from anybody.

Get the best and updated study material. Save time and invest that time on reading newspapers and practice model papers. Save money.

Candidate preparing at home have higher probability of cracking the exam. Never get impressed by success rate of coaching institutes. I have seen many institutes in Ludhiana and Delhi who pay Rs.5000 to Rs.10,000 to successful students for their permission to print their photographs on their pamphlets and newspaper ads.

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