10 Steps To Healthy Hair

Some of us are born with beautiful and healthy hair and continue having the same throughout our lives; this is the first category. The second category consists of women who are not blessed with naturally beautiful hair but they can surely work towards attaining the same. F

Keep it clean:  Healthy hair can be achieved only through clean hair and scalp. Use a shampoo that suits your hair type, does a decent cleansing job and allows no buildup.

Keep it nourished:  Oils nourish your hair in the most convenient way possible.

Treat hair problems from the roots:  Hair problems are related to some root causes. If it is dandruff, treat the problem. If it is about iron deficiency, consult doctor for supplements. For me it was oily scalp and sticky dandruff resulting from oiliness.

Healthy hair is also about healthy scalp:  Oils like olive oil, coconut oil and almond oil are great for your hair. Massage hair oil on scalp to promote blood circulation, prevent hair loss, offer nourishment to hair roots and relive dryness.

Use the right kind of hair care product:  Advertisements often tend to misguide you. Do not believe blindly what they claim.

Have proper diet for healthy hair:  Eat healthy to get healthy locks.

Keep hair away from damaging factors:  Heating, curling, straightening, perming, coloring and bleaching are a strict no-no!

Add supplements:  Always go for doctor’s advice before going for any of these supplements.

Treating your hair right:  Treat your hair the way it deserves. Be gentle.

Be regular in hair care:  Hair care is not something you should be doing once in a blue moon. Be regular in your approach.

Follow these tips to keep your hair healthy, sans dandruff, sans hair loss problems and sans hair breakage problem. Healthy hair is beautiful hair.

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