Best sports gadget for summer

More than a wristwatch, these cool gadget help you kick-start that much-awaited fitness routine of yours.

Nike Fuelband

Price: Rs 13,168 (approx)

A wristband and a cool wearable gadget, it works for your fitness at various levels. It counts the steps you take. Research says walking 6,000 steps a day can keep a lot of health problems at bay. The fuel band is available in three colours.

Polar Rcx3 GPS

Price: 25,469 (approx)

This one is most ready to lend a hand to runners and cyclists. The GPS watch tracks your route, speed and distance, which you can upload on Polar’s Personal Trainer website. The website gives you access to training programs, tracks your progress over time and offers feedback on each workout. The GPS watch tracks your route, speed and distance. The GPS watch tracks your route, speed and distance.

Griffin Adidas MiCoach armband

Price: 1,199 (approx)

Smartphone not meant for exercising. Get this armband for strapping your phone to your arm.

Fitbit Aria WiFi Smart Scale review

Price: Rs 6,000 (approx)

These wireless smart scales will not only keep you updated about your weight, they’ll analyse it by tracking your weight changes, monitor your BMI and body fat percentage.

Xbox 360 Kinect training bundle

Price: 32,705 (approx)

Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect motion tracker is compatible with a range of exercise games that offer interesting workouts.

Breffo Adventure Camera Kit

Price: Rs 2,046 (approx)

If you are an adventure sports junkie, this eight-legged stand can be ideal for you. It can be placed and attached at any surface.

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