Borrow, sell, exchange college textbooks with 5 Indian websites


You can locate books by searching books on BookStoreNextDoor, contact sellers and make a deal. On the other hand, you may possess books that you have read several times and they have been occupying your shelf unproductively. You can list these books on this site and sell them to other potential buyers. You may also like to lend them for a specific time or you may like to give them away to make space for new books on your shelf.

It is a super quick and simple search engine for books that helps you find the price and availability of books across various online bookstores.

Book Chums

BookChums believes that the venture will play a role in empowering Indians with knowledge especially in the rural and remote areas who have access to a mobile phone but not to libraries or bookstores. Using Technology for promoting reading, BookChums, is an ebook repository aimed is aimed at promoting education and reading habits in India through the digital medium. BookChums is the largest free ebooks site with over 50,000 titles. It promotes sharing ebooks among members through virtual ebook sharing and featuring authors as well.

The Reading Tub

Donations fund this website, and 100% of the money they receive goes to providing literacy information and shipping books.

Student Desk

They provide a platform for students to sell their used books online at reasonable prices rather than getting lump sum amount when they return their book to any shop, similarly a particular user can buy a book at reasonable price from some different user in his/her city/institute. For bookworms, they provide a service by which they can exchange their books/magazines and explore their knowledge. No need to pay for every book they want provides a list of books user wants to exchange and get another book in return building a community.

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