You have been cleaning your ears all wrong

Clearing your ears the wrong way exposes you to risk of rupturing the eardrum. Constantly cleaning it the wrong way may result in loss of hearing. Cleaning it the right way is the only solution. Wondering how to go about cleaning your ears? Here’s some help.

Step 1

Take a soft cloth and wet it with water. Use it to clean the outer canal of your ear, that is, the area you can see from outside.

Step 2

Take baby oil or mineral oil or make any of the following solutions:

– Saline solution with half a teaspoon and half cup warm water

– Hydrogen peroxide (solution of 3% or lower) with water in equal parts

Step 3

Take a cotton swab and soak in the solution or take a dropper if you are using baby or mineral oil. Tilt your head so that the ear that needs cleaning faces the sky. Hold the cotton swab/dropper above it and drop three to four drops in your ear canal.

Step 4

Press the triangular cartilage on the outer surface of your ear canal. Massage it gently in a circular motion. This will help circulate the solution better.

Step 5

Tilt your head on the other side and let the solution drain out. Repeat for the other ear.

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