Are you drinking too much water without realizing?

We are often told to drink as much water as possible. Following are myths about drinking excessive water, how it can harm you, and the ideal way to have it.

MYTH: Helps to cure digestive orders


MYTH: Helps in curing UTI

MYTH: Helps in detoxification

HARM: Excess of water may lead to high BP

Drinking excess of water increases blood volume. An increased blood volume puts pressure on veins, which ultimately leads to a rise in blood pressure. Also, water retention can lead to swelling in the body.

Ideal quantity and ways of water consumption

– You should drink 1 glass (250 ml) of warm water in the morning on an empty stomach.

– You should not drink water immediately after a meal as it may make you obese. Instead, you should drink 1 cup (150 ml) of water along with the meal, one sip at a time.

– Take 1-2 sips of water hourly after lunch till bed time.

– The right way to have water is to keep it in your mouth for 5-10 seconds and then gulp it down.

– Always try to drink boiled water. Boiled water should be consumed within 12 hours after boiling.

– Quantity of water for a healthy person cannot be determined; it depends on the weather and the amount of physical activity he/she does. It also depends on the amount of other liquids the individual is having during the day.

– Taking excess of water for day-to-day problems may cause these temporary problems to last longer.

– Take home these three points: Drink adequate water, drink warm water, and drink water slowly.

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