Trends in jewellery this season

We’ve rounded up the top 5 jewellery trends in India this year.

Multi-layer Necklaces

Multi-layer necklaces come with dazzling stones or pearls and are finished off with a large pendant which will be the focal point of your entire ensemble. They look very beautiful and make you look beautiful too.

Antique Temple Jewellery

Temple jewellery is chunky and primarily made of gold, with precious stones in red and green. Many of them feature large motifs of goddesses and tend to be intricate pieces, taking days of labour.

Chaplus Balis

They are moon-shaped and make for perfect earrings to be paired with any kind of Indian attire.

1 Gram Gold Jewelry

This is jewellery that is made of silver with a coating in gold and the finish looks as good as gold. This kind of jewellery comes in dazzling patterns and have become the go-to option to expand one’s jewellery collection on a budget.

Geometric Jewellery

Square, round or triangle, hexagon and more! Geometric jewellery is the trend this summer. From earrings, pendants to bracelets, everything is geometric. But you’ll especially love to wear them as geometric necklaces personalized with your initials for a very distinctive fashion!

Cuff Bracelets

As much as we love our dainty bracelets, the season clearly belongs to the bigger and bolder cuff bracelets.

Cluster Diamonds

This is mainly due big national and international jewellery brands coming to India with ‘unaffordable’ and creative promotions on TV and magazines. Jewellery featuring cluster diamonds are widely sought after and worn.


The term ‘minimalist’ has a latest definition as soon as it comes to modern Indian jewellery. It is no longer associated with a pair of small studs in your ears.

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