How to convert your Summer Internship into job?

It is no hush-hush that internships are an excellent way to secure your dream job. Once you put that 100% into your two or three months of a summer internship, converting your summer internship into job won’t be that difficult. Just follow these 5 easy tips:

  • Be the first one to enter and the last one to leave

Treat the internship as your full time job. Be the first person to come in the morning and never leave early. You have no idea who is noticing you.

  • Be proactive

Once you are done with the tasks allocated to you, ask for more work and always try to give solutions that can make the work of your colleagues and seniors easy. Exceed the expectations and do quality-work so that people recognize you for what you have done.

  • Networking

This is the key to success in the professional world. Talk and network with people – the designation really doesn’t matter. Join your colleagues for coffee/tea/lunch/snacks time, company events or meetings, social parties, ask questions to them and mainly understand their work and work culture of the company.

  • Make yourself Essential

Try to decrease the workload by taking extra work from your colleagues. Try to produce quality work in the given time frame so that your managers can trust you with work.

  • Ask for feedback

The Summer internship will help you sharpen your skills and strengthen your weaknesses. Feedback is very important as soon as it comes to your growth and development.

Also, stay calm if you are not offered a job after your months of hard work and commitment.

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