Buy better with these 4 Indian Tech Sites

These 4 sites are very helpful and informative Indian tech sites that should be visited as soon as you are buying any product and save money. Here are some of the top 4 Indian tech sites:

  • NDTV Gadgets

NDTV Gadgets is a website which you can visit to get idea about the latest offerings in the tech market. You will get all the vital information on the latest smartphones, laptops and anything else that you wish to know about. NDTV Gadgets is primarily a latest based tech website that offers an array of latest news and articles on the global tech world.

  • is a site that other than offering various latest articles and reviews for the various devices , it also focus on the latest technological findings. You will get to know about the various small technological innovations that are taking place in the world .

Apart from articles on review for the products and comparisons between products  you can also find out about the latest social media platforms and latest applications on this site.

  • TechTree

TechTree is also a good website to visit if you wish to make your technical knowledge richer. This website comes with the usual varieties of articles, latest blogs with reviews on the latest devices that enter the huge global tech market. However,TechTree  offers some valuable information to the users on the disadvantages of the many latest devices that come from the home of some of the famous tech companies. The site also points out the not so good factors about some latest technologies and applications. Thus, TechTree keeps you updated about the things in the package as well.

  • Gizbot

Gizbot is a tech website which gives all information regarding worldwide tech markets. The latest devices are scrutinized on this site, and hands-on reviews are offered along with many full-fledged videos to offer the users ample amounts of information. The website also offers latest news about the various mobile giants’ intended future ventures and latest planned product lines. You can also find detailed reviews on various games, applications, cameras etc on this site.

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