4 Best Social Dining Places of India

You will agree that nothing brings people collectively like good food! A lovely meal can bring together families and discovering an exceptional gastronomy jointly can evolve outsiders into friends. Disappeared are the days when your required special events to defile upon a delicious meal, today ‘food’ has become an occasion in its own way. Adjoining to it the newest ‘social dining’ style and cooking gets to be the centre of appeal yet once more, as a means to ‘bond with persons.’ From joining a food walk with people who love foodstuff as much as they take pleasure in meeting people and discovering novel geographies, to booking a desk at the house of a total unfamiliar person, individuals are doing it all to discover the ‘munch to socialise’ beliefs.

If you want to join the ‘social dining’ pleasure in your city, here’s our select of destination that you can’t miss!

  • Twilight Fine Dining Tour – Delhi

An evening of chaste cookery and socialising extravagance awaits you at this customized heaven.

  • A Fishy Affair – Noida

Presenting to you exclusive and genuine Bengali meal deliciousness from Andy’s kitchen in Noida.

  • Czech Idlis: A food trail in Mumbai’s South India

Stuff yourself upon a wide range of idlis and drink on perfumed filter coffee, enjoy the food as well as the new companions.

  • Fraser Town Food Walk, Bengaluru

An ideal mingle of old and new bistros and cooking originate in this region bring living the culture and history of the metropolis using genuine ingredient and spices in the cooking.

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