Top 7 Advantages Of Lemon With Water

Lemon water benefits are endless.Lemon water reduces the production of free radicals which are responsible for aging skin and skin damage. Lemon water is calorie free and it is an antioxidant.In India, tea plus coffee is regularly consumed at breakfast, lunch plus during mid-afternoon but we forget drinking water. Drinking water is important plus to spruce it up, what you can do is add a slice of lemon or squeeze a lime in water.

  • Skin care

Several cosmetic products promise glowing plus healthy skin, but it comes at a cost. Try lime water for healthy plus glowing skin. Besides, benefiting the skin, water plus lime juice reduces aging, blackheads plus wrinkles. Lime water is also a cooling agent, best way to beat the summer heat.

  • Stomach health

Digestive problems are the most common ailments but warm water plus lime juice is the solution to most digestive problems especially if you intake warm water with lemon as soon as you wake up in the morning. Lemon juice helps to purify the blood, reduces consequences of indigestion, constipation and also it eliminates toxins from the body, adds digestion plus reduces phlegm.

  • Oral health

Reduces bad breath plus stops bleeding gums. It also reduces toothache.

  • High blood pressure

Lime contains potassium which controls high blood pressure plus reduces the effect of nausea plus dizziness.

  • ​Mental health

Lemon water can also prep up your mood plus relieve you from depression plus stress.

  • Respiratory problem

Lemon water can reduce phlegm; plus can also help you breathe properly plus aids a person suffering by means of asthma..

  • ​Infections

Lemon water fight throat infections thanks to its antibacterial property. If salt water does not work for you, try lime plus water for gargling.

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