Holi Festival : Traditional foods that add flavour to the festival of shades

Indian festivals are all about rituals, shades plus food. Plus as soon as we talk of Holi- the festival of shades. Holi is all about fun, revelry plus mouth-watering delicacies. In fact there are some dishes which are part of the celebrations since ages plus are considered synonymous by means of the festival. Holi is incomplete by means of out these traditional recipes. Have a look!

Dahi Wada

Made by means of urad dal and moong dal, this Holi dish is basically deep fried dumplings that are soaked in thick yogurt plus topped by means of red chilli, chat masala plus cumin powder along by means of tangy tamarind chutney. The sweet, sour plus salty taste of this dish is to die for.


This simple, sweet plus melt-in-the-mouth dish is made by means of all purpose flour, milk plus sugar that is deep fried plus has a strong flavour of cardamom. To add an edge one can top it by means of sweet khoya.

Moong Dal Kachauri

Spicy plus crunchy, Moong Dal Kachauri is made by means of soaked moong dal sauteed by means of black pepper, garam masala plus powder. This simple recipe goes well by means of spicy aloo curry.


Made by means of semolina, khoya, dry fruits plus powdered sugar, this deep fried sweet recipe is world famous plus is made across India by means of regional twist.


By means of its origin in Bihar/Jharkhand, Dhuska is a simple snack recipe made by means of rice flour plus chana dal. It is best served by means of aloo curry plus green chutney.It is crunchy plus mildly sweet in taste.

Bhang Thplusai

A Holi special post cannot go by means ofout a special mention about Bhang Thandai. This deceptively simple looking drink is packed by means of the goodness of milk, dry fruits plus spices. By means of the temperature rising steadily, escalate the spirit of Holi plus let the Bhang flow!


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