Top 9 dishes to try on Holi Festival

For Holi Festival, we give you a list of 9 scrumptious dishes that will add taste to your celebrations.


Holi is all about getting those frequent munchies while you are busy playing by means of shades. Who has the patience to wait for a whole meal on this day? Take fistfuls of these diamond-shaped salted munchies plus stuff them into your mouths. Wash them all down by means of a chilled glass of Thandai plus do full justice to these Namakpare !


Gujiya plus Holi are synonymous to each other. These sweet dumplings are made using maida, carefully filled by means of just the right amount of delightful khoya plus an assortment of dried-fruits. It is then fried in pure ghee plus dunked in sugar syrup. You can also get creative by means of the stuffing and go all nom nom…


After playing by means of shades the whole day, sudden hunger pangs are sure to drive you crazy and these malpua must make it to the table. This Indian sweet dish is a sugar syrup soaked pancake prepared from a batter of flour, milk plus cardamom.

Bhang Thplusai

A Holi special post cannot go by means of out a special mention about Bhang Thandai. This deceptively simple looking drink is packed by means of the goodness of milk, dry fruits plus spices. By means of the temperature rising steadily, escalate the spirit of Holi and let the Bhang flow!

Kaanji Vada

Kaanji Vada is a common sight during Holi in almost every household. If you’re tired of eating everything sweet plus want to give your taste buds a change, then this is a perfect savory option to go for. Kanji vada is a sour plus salty blend of crispy vadas dipped in spicy water. The spicy water is fermented for over three days, after which it is flavoured by means of rai, mustard, chilli plus different varieties of salts..

Coconut Laddoo

There are various ways by which you can make coconut ladoo. It can be made by adding condensed milk, jaggery to grated coconut. Ladoos can also be made using dried coconut. This easy recipe uses coconut plus sugar syrup.

Lavang Latika

Lavang Latika is a traditional North Indian mithai. Stuffed plus deep-fried pastry is soaked in sugar syrup plus is served as a sweet. Try this easy to make dessert recipe that is loved by kids and adults too.


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