Easiest techniques to become a better cook

People like to eat more often, but learning to cook does not seem to be so of late. If you are health conscious people , who is planning to eat healthy food this year, then this is only possible if you learn to cook it yourself. Cooking is  no rocket-science. For a hassle-free & healthy cooking just remember some things specified below :-

  • Make a commitment

Always remember that learning is a process plus not just a single step.Cooking requires some time to be master in it. It’s not just to follow recipes & step by step instruction from book or internet.

  • Pay attention

Be attentive as soon as you start with cooking from beginning. While you are cooking concentration on it is most important thing switch off or ignore all gadgets around. Paying attention to what you’re cooking, also saves you from disaster or mistakes.For example, if you have put something on the stove and you get busy talking on the phone, chances are that the dish could end up getting burnt as you get distracted.

  • Organize well

Better cook always keep things such as ingredients handy. So to become better cook learn organizing very well.As you are new to the whole process of cooking, you may forget about having everything prepared or  chopped before you begin.

  • Taste your food

Taste your food while cooking. Flavor is built up in layers — as soon as you taste the food in various stages of being cooked, you will get different flavors. For example if you are cooking by means of tomato, you will notice how the flavor of a tomato sauce deepens as it cooks or how a carrot goes from a simple vegetable to a rich plus sweet dessert.

  • Keep it simple

You won’t become a chef in a day. Begin by learning a few basics- a vegetable or chicken soup, an omelette, dal and chawal are a few. Repeat them until you are satisfied by means of the result. Move over to another dish only as soon as you have mastered the simple ones.

  • Shop by means of care

As a beginner, you may feel that the real cooking starts in the kitchen, but you are wrong. It really starts in the market. Select the ripest of fruits, the deeply shaded vegetables or the fresh variety of meats. Dedicate 10 minutes to choose the best ingredients which will in turn will save cooking time.

  • Get the right equipment

Right equipment while preparing food is important.These include a skillet, works, roasting pans, slow cookers, casserole dishes plus salad bowls.


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