Things to know about WhatsApp’s biggest latest feature

About WhatsApp’s latest feature here we have listed things that you should know about.

WhatsApp now has a separate tab for status

WhatsApp’s UI on android now has four tabs. These are for messages, calls plus the third one is solely dedicated to your status. This is where you go plus set your status by clicking on the ‘+’ icon. The last tab is for photos.

You can click pictures plus send to your contacts from by means of in WhatsApp itself.

You can add emojis, texts plus doodles on your status3 / 9You can add emojis, texts plus doodles on your status

While earlier you could only use text in your status messages on WhatsApp, now you can do a lot more. Previously it was only messaging platform which now with latest features supports photos, videos and also GIFs as status updates. You can either select the content saved on your phone’s gallery or click pictures plus videos from by means of in the app itself, then using it as a status.

You can add emojis, texts plus doodles on your status 4 / 9 You can add emojis, texts plus doodles on your status

Do you love doodling on your photos? Or sending emojis to your friends during conversations? WhatsApp’s latest status feature is all you need. You can add emojis, texts plus doodles on your photos easily, plus even change their size plus shade if you want to. You decide who sees your status/You decide who sees your status.

We have always liked privacy settings on WhatsApp plus the instant messaging platform has expanded them to the latest status feature as well. You can control about who gets to see your status updates. There are three options to choose from – My contacts,My contacts except, plus Only share by means of. If you want certain people to not to see your status, select option two and specify them. On the other hand, if you want only a few people to see your status updates, select the last option.

Your status updates disappear after 24 hours

It is worth noting that your status updates will disappear on their own after 24 hours. However, you can post as many status updates as you like.

You can also delete your status which you have updated.

You can comment on people’s status messages

Did your friend post something really funny plus you can’t stop laughing after seeing their status? Let them know by commenting on their status. As soon as you see someone’s status, there will be an option of replying on it at the bottom. Just press on that plus scroll up, plus you’ll see a reply box appear.Feature not available on WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp’s web version still hasn’t got the status feature update. Moreover, there is no word on whether or not the web platform will get this latest feature.


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