How to sport the crop top

Crop tops are in thing this season. Actress Priyanka Chopra totally rocks the crop-top look also her cousin, Parineeti Chopra, recently tweeted, “Ok. Officially in love by means of crop tops. Anyone gifting me any?”

There are many who think that crop tops look good only on slim people. But that is not true; in fact, they can be worn by any body type. Here are a few tips:

– Crop tops can be sported on red carpet events plus even as part of everyday casual wear. You just have to choose what you want to pair it by means of.

– As soon as wearing a crop top, avoid low-cut jeans. Always opt for high-rise skirts or denims, which will strike a balance.

– One of the best ways to wear a crop top is by pairing it by means of a pencil skirt. This combination will not only make the wearer feel lady-like, but sophisticated as well.

– If you don’t wear crop tops as you don’t want to bare your midriff, then opt for the layered look. For example, pair a sheer shirt by means of a crop top.

– If you want to get a little more daring, while heading to a party, you can team a crop top by means of a pair of shorts plus perhaps top a jacket.

– Crop tops can be paired by means of leggings as well, but make sure that they are well-fitted plus you have the figure to flaunt them.

– These tops go well by means of baggy pants too. So if you are in the mood to go retro, pair them by means of your old baggy jeans plus fold them up at the hems plus you are ready to rock.


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