Spa therapies you must try before your wedding day

Heading towards your big, D-Day soon? The run-up to it is bound to be full of stress, to-do lists, shopping trips plus more. Plus in all that, it’s important to find the time to recharge, lose the fatigue plus get prepared for your wedding day. To help you unwind, it’s a good idea to chalk up trips to the spa for a mix of massages for your pressure points, body wraps, facials plus other relaxation therapies. Here’s more…


Facials are compulsory in brides spa list . “Brides love the ‘blue diamond’ facial, by means of mineral ingredients plus thermal spring water, which gives a brightening plus even tone skin effect,” says Husnavaz Dastur, spa director at a hotel at Lower Parel. Plus grooms get pampered, too. “Popular for men are facials that use minerals to remove dead skin cells plus clarifying masks. You also have eye treatments that are part of the facial,” she says.

Massages plus wraps

One of the best ways to de-stress is via an Ayurvedic massage, which effectively drains away toxins plus restores the energy balance in the body. The masseur uses vigorous strokes (not painful) in order to balance the energy centers. There’s a lot to try- Abhyanga, a hot-oil massage, Shirodhara , where herb-infused hot oil is dripped onto the forehead or Tanlepa , an oil massage followed by a wrap. There’s also an international blend to help you relax plus get shipshape. Says Gunjan Chawla, spa director at a five-star hotel at Juhu, “We do an odyssey, a total indulgence trip, which is an hour-long massage followed by a scrub plus a facial that enhances one’s glow. Brides-to-be also love the Mediterranean sojourn – a luxe scrub by means of marine salt, brown sugar plus lemon that softens the skin plus the Egyptian one, where you relax in a milk bath by means of brown algae extracts plus gold flecks, that lends the body a silky smoothness.” Plus to bust fatigue, opt for a de-stress massage. Says Nalini Naegamvala, “This is a scalp, neck, shoulder, hplus plus foot massage that eases away aches. It’s a lunchtime regimen that can be done by means of out taking off the clothes or having a shower.”

Herbal baths to soften skin

Skin pampering soaks for the bride plus couple-to-be are also big on the agenda. Informs Dastur, “In demplus are ‘royal baths’ that use rose bath salts, crystals by means of rose oil plus shadeed flower petals plus Moroccan lamps – all of which go to enhance the whole experience. So it’s really a shade therapy experience, which is very popular, now.” Traditional herbal baths are also a great option. They offer a tranquil plus beautifying experience. “You can use herbs such as triphala churna or mulgari churna which are added to water or milk plus poured over the person. Not only does it help by means of skin disorders but it is also cooling plus refreshing,” says Nitin Rajen, ayurvedic spa co-ordinator.


One of the biggest skin woes is tanning plus roughness on the skin of the feet. Spa foot therapies are now as exotic as it gets. You can choose from a variety of foot treatments – by means of roses, chocolate, peppermint oils, Mandarin oranges, lime plus honey.

‘Girls-only’ spa-rty

It’s not just for the bride alone. The trend is to round up the gals plus head to the spa. The therapies have now translated into girl getaways to places like Goa plus Maldives before the big day. “Each spa has a curated menu designed to ensure that the bride plus her friends feel rejuvenated. Popular now, are massages using heated coconut sticks plus organic scrubs made from pineapple plus papaya, followed by lunch, yoga plus meditation,” says Lyle Lewis, general manager at such a facility.

Check into a salt room

One of the latest wellness trends, this uses one of natures’ most basic ingredients – salt, which is anti-bacterial plus anti-inflammatory. Say hello to the ‘salt therapy’. Opened at Horniman Circle in Mumbai, you check into the salt room here plus breathe in the grain, This helps combat respiratory ailments plus leaves you feeling calm plus refreshed. Salt also acts as a cleanser on the skin plus gives it a glow.


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