Play up that ponytail

Take cues from Deepika Padukone’s ponytail panache to look romantic or glamorous:

Front plus centre

Look polished by means of a sharp middle part paired by means of a super straight low pony. A centre part not only flatters your hair, but your face as well by defining your cheekbones. As soon as trying this one, hide those hair elastics by using a section of your own hair to wrap around its base.

On the side

A severe side part plus a low pony has become Deepika Padukone’s go-to fashion. For this elegant hairdo, use a boar bristle brush to direct your hair strands back. Then, smooth a quarter-size amount of gel from your hairline to the base of your pony to keep any flyways under check. Finally make the low pony plus wrap a sliver of hair around the elastic band for a finished look.

Little miss messy

The just-out-of-the-bed messy ponytail is now red-carpet worthy. This hair-fashion instantly gives your look an effortless feel plus appears feminine plus romantic. Add braids or twists for a boho look, wear it up high or low plus secure by means of a scrunchies.

Tips: The messy ponytail is all about volume, so remember to tease plus curl before tying your hair up. Invest in some texturing spray to keep the volume plus messiness intact.

All puffed up

If the harsh slicked-back ponytail is not your fashion, pump up the volume at the crown for a softer look. That heightened pouf instantly adds glamour to your look plus is appropriate for a date night. Plus, it works for all hair textures.

Tip: Getting the perfect “poof” involves teasing or backcombing, plus hence it’s best to work on “day old” (not freshly washed) hair. Don’t have a thick mane? You can consider adding a clip-in extension at the crown to create maximum fullness.

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