You won’t believe how you can book an amazing trip to goa in less than 599 bucks/day.

Planning a short trip or vacation ? Are hotel bookings, ticketing, food budget haunting you ? The sea, the sun, the sand are all free all you have got to do is to find the right spot to book a budget friendly place to stay.You’ve come just at the right place.The first thing that pops up during holiday planning is hotel booking, the maddening rush during this season makes it difficult to find a budget friendly hotel and I ll help you get through it.

Goa is our favourite destination place and I am sure you agree.The beautiful beaches, the liberal atmosphere and a city that never sleeps.Surely the top most pick to chill out with friends or relax with your family.

While I was searching for hotels to stay at goa, I was personally overwhelmed with the infinite choices and varied rates offered by numerous booking websites.

After hours of tedious searching on the web and narrowing my search with the help of a few friends, i finally found a decent hotel which was decently priced, the same hotel was priced higher at other sites for the same date even after discounts offered.

I finally considered goStays to book my hotel after a rigorous search online and offline as it was offering the best deal, the hotel was located at a desirable location near the beach.Ac deluxe room with complimentary breakfast, cable tv and other necessary amenities.Now, at the time of booking you can apply promode GOSTAYS70 (Check out all the valid, working coupons for gostays and others here)To get the best possible price ever pay using gocash, this option gives you an additional 25% discount over the already discounted price.If you are an HDFC bank customer, you are in luck you can avail flat 75% off on hotel booking(use code GOHDFCHT).Keep it simple and book each room individually, as there is a maximum cap of Rs 2000 for each booking as I would never like you to overpay.

Here’s a detailed capturing of how I got through my booking

  • The tax inclusive worth of each room per night was- Rs1,999.
  • The booking was for 3 guests each room that is an extra 700 per    room, so that makes it Rs 2,700.
  • So, now after using a discount coupon GOSTAYS50/70 the rates were reduced to 1012   :- 2700 – 50% off = 1350 -25% from gocash =1012.
  • Booked 4 rooms for 5 nights and 6 days, which brings the total paid amount to 20,250 which is more than a decent amount I was willing to pay.

Now, just a walk through how much i saved :-

  • Total worth of the rooms without discount – 2700(for a room each day) * 5 days * 4 rooms = 54000.
  • And the actual amount I paid for the booking is just Rs 20,250.
  • I saved 33,750.

Right at this moment of immense joy when I saved more than what I paid, I knew I had to share it with you guys.

Enjoy the beautiful beaches, the mesmerising sunrise, the vintage architecture, the long walks, the talked a lot about forts, the fun filled water activities, the clubs, the nightlife, all of these with a comfortable stay at an amazing hotel you booked at dirt cheap price.

             Brought to you by Buyhatke (because we always strive towards maximising your savings )

                           HAVE A FUN FILLED HOLIDAY !!


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