10 Life hacks to get over the monday blues for the lazy in all of us

It is not that I love you less, but Monday you are no friday and you will never be.


Life on Mondays, surely interrupts our happiness.The not so happy days come back with Monday bringing us face to face with the reality, that is, life.The real life tragedies which come attached to the onset of Monday, life has Monday to let you know that it has control over you.No matter how well spent your weekend was, it is never enough.That break kind of plays with the concept of latency , anything at rest should remain at rest and everything in motion should not be disturbed.

Thus making it pretty clear that I definitely hate Mondays.They are an obvious demon of the week, though Tuesday is no less of a devil they are far better than the dreaded Mondays.Let me introduce you to some tips to recover from the Monday Blues.Let’s stop cribbing about the inevitable and start treating the monday blues my way.

1.Get a good night’s sleep,

go to bed early on Sunday so that waking up at time on Monday is not an issue.


2. Do not keep work from last week hanging


Monday is going to seem so much more dreadful with loads of last week’s unfinished work on your shoulders.

3. Online shopping is the most effective cure.Look forward to some parcel or online purchase coming, think about that while getting ready for work .


4. Pick some jazzy dress, because what you wear can always make you feel better.


5. Take a good long relaxing bath, start the day fully fresh


A long bath can take a lot of your apprehensions away.

6. Plan what you are going to do the coming weekend.


Sometimes having something to look forward to is a great resort.

7. A mid week break


Go for a mid week movie, believe me it surely makes the week look shorter.

8. Buy stuff on Monday while on work


It certainly calms me down and the world suddenly seems prettier and things kind of start falling on track

9. Treat yourself with a good breakfast, some eggs


Listen to some energetic number featuring on the charts

10.Keep Calm and pretend it’s not Monday.

Write about it, believe me I am so over it already 😉

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