Struggling to find the cheapest flights ??? Not anymore …

We are all suckers for a cheap bargain, especially when it comes to flight tickets. We all want to save money on flights, so that we can treat ourselves with some shopping or some drinks or two.

Living our lives in different cities, away from home for our jobs and more is indispensable.This means that we are away from family, friends and all the good stuff like the comfort of our home, the good food, the festivals, the fun stuff and most of all being in the middle of all the action.It also means that every year we are spending a huge part of our budget travelling to see the people we love.

Remember the time when we used to spend hours on our laptop or mobile phones searching for the best deal possible while planning a vacation, or just to get back home, or attending functions and weddings.I remember spending 6 hours the last time I booked a ticket to go back home this Diwali.Depending on the time of the year and how disorganised our lives are, the flight tickets can range from almost affordable to utter-nonsense. Up until now, I was one of those people who used to spend hours getting hold of the cheapest flight tickets available. But only recently I’ve stumbled across a trick you’ve never heard of ..

TRAVEL HACK  #101 : Getting the cheapest flight possible
  1. Go to any ticketing site and chose your flight and dates. (the regular drill when you book your tickets online)

  2. You shall then be navigated to a list of flight options, cheapest option first.And here lies the catch : The buyhatke extension shows you the cheapest flight price for the same parameters on the same date from across all the booking sites on the same browsing page.

Know how to get irresistibly CHEAP FLIGHTS ?

 Lets take an example of you trying to get your flights booked from Bangalore to Delhi on MMT, the Buyhatke tool shows you the cheapest option available.Like if, goibibo is offering a cheaper price than MMT, then it tells you to book the flight from goibibo instead.Once you click on the “goibibo” link you shall be navigated to the (goibibo) checkout page directly where you just need to pay for the flight, with all data (from, to start date, return date ) pre filled and you book the same flight at a cheaper price from what MMT was offering.

Some more helpful tricks to get cheap flights

  • Get your buying timing right !

  • Always look for offers and special discounts of the airlines .

  • Try booking your ticket on weekdays.Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays are preferred.

  • Try to avoid a flight on Friday or a sunday, they are generally the most expensive.

  • Most importantly be flexible on your flight dates for the best buy.

Fly more and save more only with Buyhatke !

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