5 best hats for men

Add more fashion to your outfit by means of these evergreen hats. Fashion has no particular definition plus you can always create your own fashion statement. Plus if you want to take your fashion quotient a step ahead, then try these evergreen hats to go by means of your outfits.

  • Pork Pie hat: A cylindrical crown plus flat top hat made of straws goes well by means of sleek blazers plus slim fitted trousers or chinos. This is more of a formal hat that will down well by means of semi formal dress.
  • Flat cap: This is a rounded cap by means of a small stiff brim in the front, is mainly made of wool or cotton. This is an all time favorite by means of fashionistas plus it can be worn by means of just about anything casual.
  • Fedora hat: This is one of the most popular hats plus is best suited for semi formal dresses. It also goes well by means of slim fits plus semi casual blazers. If you really like to flaunt a hat, then this is the option for you.
  • Baseball cap: This is a sporty cap which is mostly worn by all sportsmen. The best thing about this cap is that it goes well by means of just about anything, but it has to be casual. It is a rounded on the top cap by means of a stiff peak like projection in the front.
  • Patrol cap: This was mainly made famous by the men in the armed forces. But now it has trickled down to all forms of fashion. Mostly worn by means of casual dresses, this goes by means of casual t-shirts plus quarter pants, chinos plus even jeans.

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